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Principal Angie Hedges

Welcome to Goldendale Primary School!

Our school is proud to be recognized as a Leader in Me school after applying and receiving a grant from the Franklin Covey Institute. We believe that all of our students are leaders and allow them to demonstrate their leadership abilities in student lead action teams, student lead assemblies, student roles/jobs and many other activities.

The Seven Habits of Happy Kids is one of the processes we teach at Goldendale Primary School to promote student success. As a staff, the habits are entrenched in our beliefs as the best way to improve academic success while decreasing student discipline issues. Please see the sidebar for a look at the seven habits and a brief description of each one. By following the seven habits we know that students will attain the Four Truths of Goldendale Primary School. These Truths are Timberwolves are Respectful, Timberwolves are Responsible, Timberwolves have Integrity and Timberwolves are Persistent.

Goldendale Primary School has been recognized by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction and the State Board of Education for continuous improvement in English Language Arts (Reading and Writing). We are very proud of the efforts put forth by students and staff in receiving this award and look forward to continually educating well rounded students and citizens.

Angie Hedges